Happy Little Search Tools

I've been making little programs to help me with Web search and related tasks for years. Until recently, however, I used Google Sheets as my platform; I didn't know how to make a Web app. Now that I'm learning JavaScript, I can translate some of my Google Sheets tools to tiny Web apps and share them with you.

The tools are listed in the left column. They're all free to use. Sometimes an API key might be required, but I'll point you to where you can get them (usually they're free or free-to-a-limit) and all you'll have to do is paste them into a box.

I come up with ideas for new search tools approximately 999 times a day, so stay tuned for more, and thanks for visiting.

LATEST - Contemporary Biography Builder -- Uses historical figure Wikipedia page information to build lifespan searches across Google Books, Internet Archive, Chronicling America, and the DPLA.

What Is This?

The RB Gizmos are a collection of search tools made with JavaScript and HTML.

Why Is This?

Because I've been writing about searching and search engines since 1996 and I'm obsessed with them.