ResearchBuzz Search Gizmos: Blog Search

Blogspace Time Machine - The Blogspace Time Machine does a search for the query of your choice in blogspace from this month. You also have the option to see that query in blogspace from a year ago, three years, five years, ten years, and fifteen years ago. Interesting queries: celebrity names. Current event topics. Medical research terms. Anything that might change over time.

Blog Shovel - Blog Shovel uses URL patterns to help you dig deep into the Web's blog and news space and surface old results. Specify a query, the year you want your search to start and finish, how you want to restrict the content of your results (if at all), and how you want to restrict your search by top-level domain (if at all.) Blog Shovel builds a Google query based on your specifications and opens it in a new window.

What Is This?

The RB Gizmos are a collection of search tools made with JavaScript and HTML.

Why Is This?

Because I've been writing about searching and search engines since 1996 and I'm obsessed with them.