Local Community/Events Finder

Want to find local people and local events? Try the Local Community Finder.

The LCF uses location and date information to build a Google query for events and news in your area. In addition, it creates a Twitter radius search of your zip code so you see what people in your area are talking about. All you need to provide are a zip code and a topic you'd like to find a community for.

Please enter a general query for what you'd like to find
(try a general topic or an event type like game or race.)

Enter your zip code.

If you're in a small town and you're not getting many results with the VERY local option, try the Local option instead. It'll open up your search a lot.

What Is This?

The RB Gizmos are a collection of search tools made with JavaScript and HTML.

Why Is This?

Because I've been writing about searching and search engines since 1996 and I'm obsessed with them.