Super Edu Search - Search by Zip/Radius

site:edu is great. But what if you could get even more specific?

Super Edu Search takes higher education institution information from the Department of Education and applies it to a Google search. Did you ever want to search the Web space of all the public universities in Indiana? Or all the HBCUs in the country? Or maybe all the Baptist institutions in Texas? Now you can.

Things you should know: Super Edu Search limits you to 200 results. That will get you all the universities in a single state for most states - the exceptions are Texas, Florida, and California. And even in those states, if you limit your search by ownership (public universities, for example) you'll be under the 200-item limit.

Google has a query limit of 32 words, so queries that return more than 15 results will be divided into multiple search URLs.


HBCU and "Predominantly-Black Institutions" are NOT the same thing and in my testing showed two entirely-different sets of results.

You'll need a API Key to use this tool. You can get them free from .

What Is This?

The RB Gizmos are a collection of search tools made with JavaScript and HTML.

Why Is This?

Because I've been writing about searching and search engines since 1996 and I'm obsessed with them.