Search Gizmos: Not on GitHub

These are little projects I undertook before I started getting into JavaScript.

If you like Google Sheets, RSS Feeds, and Auto-Translations, You’ll LOVE These Two New Tools - An April 2022 article from ResearchBuzz. Introduction: "When Russia invaded Ukraine, it became more urgent to me that I have a way to find and easily review RSS feeds that aren’t in English, but I could not find a solution that I could afford as a solo researcher with minimal scratch. So I made one. Well, I made two. There are overview/how-to articles for each, but I want to present them together here, because they’re meant to be complementary. They’re both Google-Sheets based, and because the sheets are self-contained, you can make your own copies."

Paywalls Everywhere You Go? Get to the Goodies With These Two Paywall Ladder Bookmarklets - A November 2021 article focusing on two bookmarklets that look for paywalled artices via syndication and news aggregator sites. Is not meant to find illegally-distributed content.

IFTTT / Reddit Alerts Filling Up With Porn Spam? Here’s What To Do - A November 2021 ResearchBuzz article. A guide to using an IFTTT recipe and some JavaScript to filter porn spam from your Reddit alerts.

What Is This?

The RB Gizmos are a collection of search tools made with JavaScript and HTML.

Why Is This?

Because I've been writing about searching and search engines since 1996 and I'm obsessed with them.